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Have you encountered any of these laser cutting machine failures?

Released on Jan. 08, 2022



Answers to commonly encountered faults of laser cutting machines. Keep reading for more information!

1. graphic size is large or small?

The output graphics size is the same. Z-axis height position changes, correction files, etc.

2. hit the middle of the image and the surrounding color is not the same?

Adjust the focus factor, adjust the W-axis focus, etc.

3. Is there a broken phenomenon and thickened light spot in the marking process?

Dynamic, DA board, etc.

4. Marking graphics position offset?

The X-axis or Y-axis position of the vibration lens is offset. Find the center point and adjust the XY axis position according to the actual offset direction.

5. Power on the vibration lens XY axis swing and dynamic motor noise swing?

Replace ±12±15V switching power supply; replace ±12±28V switching power supply.

6. Not out of light?

W axis position is not changing, DC48V32A laser power supply is normal, laser tube, etc.

7. No display in the power-on display panel?

5V12V24V switching power supply is normal. Check the display panel, etc.

8. The power-on does not return to the origin display panel malfunction? 

Replace the offline card

9. Z-axis does not feed or movement forceless? 

Check the Z-axis feeding motor, drive, bearing, foreign body jammed, etc.

10. The glass tube does not produce light?

The glass tube light control mainly has a laser tube, laser power supply, water circulation system, and light signal. The light signal includes the PWM light signal given by the board. Water protection signal, door switch signal, etc. So the laser tube does not light mainly from the laser tube laser power supply water circulation system and the light signal from several aspects. Generally, the first view directly checks whether the laser power supply is normally energized. Laser tube inside and outside the tube whether there is a difference. The water circulation system is normal. If not often, then make the corresponding replacement or adjustment. In the case of the above aspects of normal should consider the light signal problems. Generally, the first short signal (short laser power current 5v and AIN short water protection P and GND with a non-locking switch control L and GND) method to test the laser tube and laser power. If this method can be normal light is that the laser tube laser power no-fault, is the water protection switch, relay, door switch, the board PWM signal problems, in turn, can be excluded. If this method is not light is the laser tube or laser power supply problems, in the case of bad judgment with the replacement method can be solved.

11. RF laser tube does not light? 

In the case of a smooth waterway laser power supply normal start. First measure the laser power supply DC 48v is normal. Laser tube 25 pin plug-in 4 feet and 13 feet of conduction. Can be on to show that the water protection signal is normal. Can not be on to check the water protection. Measure the voltage of pin 7 and pin 20. DC voltage is around 4 to 5V when you do not press the preset or start. According to the pre-conditioning or start at about 1 to 3v for the normal signal (low-level conduction). If the water, power, and the two signals are normal. Generally can be judged as a laser tube failure. If the signal is not normal, it means that it is a board problem or a circuit problem.



12. RF laser tube replacement after the display of laser tube connection error?

In the connector (internal line without desoldering short circuit), the power line (left positive right negative and ground with the connection), the water connection is normal restart the chiller and equipment after still can not be connected properly. Generally, the twenty-five-pin connector is connected to the circuit board problems. Bad or incompatible.

13. Cutting machine cutting misalignment?

(1) feed cutting misalignment one is to check the feed axis step. Step = measured length * original step / true length (set feed length). Second, check the timing belt lock of the feeding axis. Tighten the timing belt locking pulley and the motor timing belt locking pulley to see if they are loose. Thirdly, check whether there is relative sliding between the loosened roller mesh and the feeding shaft. And see if there is a jamming phenomenon.

(2) not fed cutting misalignment. One is to check the car motor or light shaft synchronous wheel is loose. The second, the loss of step phenomenon. Loss of step may be the processing speed empty range speed or acceleration settings are too large. It may be a bad contact with the car motor wire. Maybe the drive current is too small. It may be a bad driver or motor bad. General motor bad and lost step phenomenon is less.

14. vibrating mirror machine light spot too thick? 

Light intensity is not enough in the basic optical path and over the beam expander, optical path adjustment is good. Dynamic focal length adjustment is good in the case the light spot is still coarse needs to adjust the spacing between the two lenses of the beam expander.

15. Marking machine and cutting machine marking or cutting size is not correct?

For dynamic marking machine in the vibrating lens does not move up and down when the size is not generally corrected parameter data is changed or error occurs. Redo the parameters of the vibrating lens correction can be solved. For the cutting machine, the cutting size is not correct is generally caused by the step distance and the number of pulses of the driver is wrong. Generally, determining the number of pulses to calculate the step can be solved.

16. cutting machine back to the direction of the origin of the reverse?

Such failures are generally caused by a bad origin switch. The home switch has a proximity switch and mutual switch (magnetic switch) two. Cutting the machine back to the home direction is generally caused by a short circuit in the coil of the switch. Replacement can be solved.

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