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How to Prevent Damage to the Sheet Metal Laser Cutting Machine in Use?

Released on Jan. 12, 2022


With the continuous development of social and economic power, more and more people are choosing sheet metal laser cutting machines to replace traditional cutting equipment. In the process of using a sheet metal laser cutting machine, the operator should know how to prevent damage to the machine. This has to do with the professionalism of the operator. So how to prevent damage to the sheet metal laser cutting machine in the process of use? As a sheet metal laser cutting machine supplier to provide you with detailed information.


Causes of machine damage

If you want to prevent damage to the machine, the first thing to know is why the machine will be damaged? One reason is actually that we do not have any rest time in the long-term use of the process. If the machine once it becomes increasingly hot we should promptly shut down the machine. Only in this way can we ensure that the sheet metal laser cutter will not be damaged in the process of use. If the machine gets hot, the damage to the whole machine will become higher and higher. Most of us do not know how to maintain this machine. So in the process of using the machine, you should know how to choose the right way to maintain the machine.

In fact, we should all know that in our lives if we do not often go to maintenance, the service life of a machine will be greatly reduced. As long as we usually know how to maintain the machine, but can help reduce the rate of damage to the sheet metal laser cutting machine.


How do we do?

Laser cutting machine maintenance is as follows.

1. Cooling system to the ground. Often clean the water tank and water circuit. Refrigeration temperature control water tank temperature control point to be appropriate or cause laser tube breakage and condensation, power down.

2. Laser cutting machine laser tube installation pivot point to be reasonable. The pivot point should be at 1/4 of the total length of the laser tube, otherwise the laser tube spot pattern deterioration. Sometimes the spot becomes several points within a period of time, resulting in a drop in laser power that can not meet the requirements.

3. Water protection should always check the cleaning. Cooling water often can not flush open water protection float switch or water protection float switch does not reset, can not use the short connection method to solve the problem.

4. Suction device should be checked and cleaned on a regular basis. The fan duct clean up. Otherwise, a lot of smoke and dust can not be discharged. This will quickly contaminate the lens and laser tube so that the mechanical and electronic components easily oxidation caused by poor contact.



5. Focus mirror and reflector inspection. Work for a while the mirror frame is hot, the lens surface discoloration rust. The film cracking is the object to be replaced, especially for many customers with large air pumps and air compressors so that the focusing lens is caused by water. Therefore, it is necessary to regularly ensure the cleanliness and quality of the lens in the optical path system. 6.

6. Laser cutting machine working environment can not be too harsh. If the ambient temperature is higher than 30 degrees below 18 degrees, air pollution is too much dust, so the machine will be damaged, the failure rate is rising. The humid environment of the electrical accessories is prone to problems.

7. Power grid power to match.

8. Laser tube working current to be reasonable. Can not work at full power for a long time. To the reasonable application of laser and save laser energy. The optical system should be cleaned regularly, otherwise the laser tube premature aging and rupture. The power of the laser equipment should be set at 50-60% of the total power. Then adjust the working speed according to the material. This is the best working condition of the laser tube.


Final words

For the entire environmental system, there may be a variety of situations that cause our products to malfunction. It doesn't matter if there is a problem, the key is to get the right remedy. Through our manual, if you really do not want to go through the manual you can also choose our company to cooperate. So that we can know exactly where the problem is, so as to help our machine can be repaired more quickly so that our business can become better and better from now on. If you need a new and less fragile sheet metal laser cutting machine, we recommend the LXSHOW LASER LX3015E. It has a stronger cutting ability and higher cutting precision. The product details page can help you.