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Laser Marking Machine

Here is detail of how Laser Marking Machine working and what is the 3 most popular laser marker In 2021

1.How does a laser marking machine work ? what is laser marking machine ?

Laser marking machine uses high energy laser to Irradiation the material. ( Laser source make the high energy laser )The surface of the material absorbs laser energy, which causes the surface of the material to gasification , Staining,annealing and melt to form a permanent mark.some time we call it laser marking , laser Etching or laser Engraving . that’s why many customers thought it was same thing but Actually it have some different . 

2.What’s the main different Between laser Marking , Laser Etching and laser Engraving ?

Because these terms often used interchangeably maybe you thought it is same thing or this is three different machine .

1.Laser marking process

Laser beam Irradiation the work piece slightly altering its properties or appearance. It usually use low power source .Material Staining Oxidation or annealing but maintaining the the material surface integrity. It mainly use into 

Bar code, UID code, QR code, logo and other identification requirements.

2.Laser engraving process

Laser beam Irradiation the work piece gasification the material , it usually use bigger power source, the biggest different of laser engraving and laser marking is , laser engraving make the mark have a depth.It is usually used to engrave serial numbers and logos, etc. you can see it as the photo below more better understand.

3.Laser etching process

Laser etching is parts of laser engraving , Laser etching occurs when heat from the beam causes the surface of the material to melt.it usually working on the plastic.

3.Why laser marking more and more popular ?

Because more and more countries Focus on protecting the environment ,the government have strictly rule on the pollution . laser machine can instead of the old Chemical corrosion, screen printing and ink printing without any pollution.

Use laser marking machine hit the marker is not easy remove , it was good at Security industry.

laser machine marking don’t have the consume parts the fiber source can use 100000 hours.it have a better economic .

It can use on any metal and nonmetal material

it have the perfect precision and speed , speed about 6000-12000mm/s and precision 0.01-0.06

4.What is Mainstream types of laser marking machines in 2021 and how to choose different types laser marking machine ?

At present, laser marking machine on the market is divided 3 kinds by laser sources, fiber laser marking machines (pulse 1064nm ) , Semiconductor laser marking machine(DPSSL)(pulse 1064nm YAG was eliminate,532nm green light laser ,355nm uv laser ) and CO2 laser marking machine(9.4-10.6um). fiber laser engraving machine are suitable for metal , hard plastics, etc.Semiconductor laser marker mainstream is 355nm UV laser marker , this model almost use for all the metal and nonmetal with perfect marking but the price of it also expensive. CO2 laser marking machine is suitable for marking on most non-metallic materials, such as paper packaging, plastic products, leather fabrics, glass ceramics, etc. Not one material is only suitable for one kind of laser source. You can use multiple laser sources for the same material.

Fiber laser marking machines 

Fiber laser marking machine is the most popular among the laser marking systems , fiber laser engraver use fiber as a medium to generate a laser beam that have two kinds , first model with Q switch adjust fiber laser marker machine (pulse width can’t adjust ) and second type pulse width adjustable Mopa laser marker.

What is a semiconductor laser marking machine?

Semiconductor laser marking machine is made of semiconductor as the Pump source for generating laser. There are mainly 532 green laser marking machine, ultraviolet laser marking machine. The current market most popular is UV laser marker.

UV laser marking machine

55-wavelength UV laser marking machine is a semiconductor laser marking machine, can be used in ultra-precision marking. In the future, there will be a large market where fiber lasers and co2 can't do it. It can do it. It can achieve the advantages of no burr, neat and smooth, fast speed and low energy consumption for the micro-thin cutting of metal products.

Green laser marking machine

The most typical application of the green laser marking machine is the engraving on the surface and inside crystal.

What is a Co2 laser marking machine?

The carbon dioxide laser marking machine is a laser marking machine that uses CO2 gas as a working medium. CO2 laser uses CO2 gas as medium, CO2 and other auxiliary gases are charged into the discharge tube to apply high voltage on the electrode, and glow discharge is generated in the discharge tube, so that the gas emits a wavelength of 10.64um laser in the computer and laser marking control card. Under control, the image, text, numbers and lines can be marked on the work piece according to the user's requirements.

If you read the article above i think you have already better understand what is a fiber marking machine and the different of the laser marker . but not sure if it is good at my material , don’t hesitate mail to us we will help you solve your doubt and select the best suitable laser engraving machine for you .below is detail configuration of the 3 Best Types Laser Marking Machine In 2021 .

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