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Small Metal Laser Cutter

About small laser cutting machines for sale-a detailed guidance


Are you going to buy a small laser cutting machines for sale in America, Europe, Africa, Australia, Asia for sheet metal or nonmetal cutting, such as iron board cutting, copper board cutting, stainless steel board cutting and so on? And if you want processing materials have high precision? Might we can provide suitable laser cutter for you, especially small sheet metal laser cutter.    

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Now, small laser cutting machine are a popular device among laser cutting machines, most of them belong to CNC laser cutting machine, and be able to finish most ultra-fine cutting. Small laser cutter always means smaller dimension and power, is specially used in small-sized processing places. 

Although compared with some others laser cutting machine, power of it is lower, it possesses higher cutting accuracy and can be used in cutting most nonmetals and thin metal materials, like wood products, paper, leather, cloth, plexiglass, epoxy resin, acrylic, wool, plastic, rubber, ceramic tile, crystal, jade and bamboo products, stainless steel, carbon steel, etc. Besides, it has the characteristics of high precision, fast cutting, not limited by cutting patterns, automatic typesetting, material saving, smooth incision and low processing cost.

At present, most power of small laser cutting machines for sale in the market less than 1500 watt. But it has been able to meet most cutting needs that cutting almost nonmetals and thin metals. Small fiber laser cutter is the best and the most commonly used laser cutting model, however, due to characters of fiber laser, it is mainly be used in cutting thin sheet metal.  

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How small laser cutting machine works

In the course of operation, the laser generator releases laser and form laser beam with high power and high density through a focusing mirror. In the same time, the laser beam irradiates at the surface of a workpiece to melt or vapourize it and to form a hole. Under the control of numerical control system, the workpiece arises a lancing with the moving of laser beam, so as to achieve the purpose of cutting. 

Advantages and features of small sheet metal laser cutter

Although there are some different between small sheet metal laser cutter and ordinary metal laser cutter, it has unique advantages that small sheet metal laser cutter.

1. It has higher cutting accuracy, repeated position accuracy of small sheet metal laser cutter ranges from 0.004mm to 0.006mm made by our company

2. Usually, it adopts grinding precision screw transmission, which guarantees working precision further

3. Its working area and dimension is relatively small, so it is suitable for customers who have requirements for the workspace.

4. Small laser metal cutter adopt totally enclosed design, and you can see working processing by an excellent quality window

5. It has high photoelectric conversion rate, and it will not waste metal materials

6. Its max running speed can reach 40m to 80m each minute, it has high cutting speed, cutting efficiency

7. It is environmentally friendly

8. Small laser metal cutting machine price is lower, as well as maintenance cost

9. It is easy to learn, you are able to study run it fast

10. Laser generator and laser cutting machine will keep constant temperature with the action of water chiller, which guarantee the small laser cutting machine work for a long time  

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About a Small laser metal cutting machine price    

Price of a small laser sheet metal cutting machine ranges from hundreds of to thousands of dollars. It mainly depends on power size, which types laser generator, laser cutting machine, gears, rails and other components you choose. 

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Small metal laser cutting machine applications:

Small metal laser cutting machine always means smaller square and convenient moving. With traits if high precision and faster working speed, it can still can be used in most metals materials cutting and industries.

Metal materials it can be applied:

Such as iron, copper, stainless steel, carbon steel, alloy steel, nickel alloy, titanium alloy, etc, it all can gain brilliant working efficiency. However, it maybe influences cutting effect when you cutting aluminum, copper and other rare metals due to they are all belong to high reflecting materials, which cause most energy reflected.

Industry fields it can be applied:

1. Decoration industry: now, more and more families pay attention to house decoration, and they request companies produce as they want,small sheet metal laser cutter will be helpful for you.

2. Automotive industry: it can’t be guaranteed that the accuracy of door or other components made by artificial, and it wastes more time. However, small metal cutting machine not only guarantee the precision of every component, but also can reach batch processing.

3. Advertising industry: metal cutting machine can satisfy most customized service.

4. Other industries: such as fitness industry, sheet processing industry, kitchenware industry,gift industry and so on. 

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Support and service

1. Before send our production to you, we will test it strictly, each of the laser cutting machine you receive will be the best

2. When we send you laser cutting machine, we will send you production instruction and videos to help you study how to operates it as fast as possible

3. We will offer you online service 24 hours one day and 7 days a week. Whenever you meet problems, tell us in time, we will contact you no matter working days or holidays to help you solve it

4. We provide customized service and help you choose a laser cutting machine that suit you best

5. We will offer you 2-year warranty

How do you receive the small laser cutting machine

Up to now, we have cooperated with customers from over 150 countries, meanwhile, we have a perfect transportation system and sufficient experience, wherever are you from, we can send it to you by sea, air or land. And we will ensure safety of transportation process. If some components are missing, please tell us, and we will help you solve it as fast as possible.

The LX1390M or LX6040G small laser cutter we produced will help you succeed in your field. Both of them are designed by our engineer, and have higher cutting accuracy and cutting speed. If you want to know more about small laser metal cutting machine or others model of laser cutting machine for metal cutting and nonmetal cutting, please contact with us.

Small Sheet Metal Fiber Laser Cutter

When a machining material is processed using a laser cutter, on the one hand, the surface condition of the material affects the stability of the absorption of the laser beam, and on the other hand, the shape of the processing also affects the diffusion of heat.

Material: Different materials have different absorption rates for lasers, so different materials have different cutting adaptability. It should be noted that materials with high reflectivity such as copper and aluminum are not conducive to the formation of spots, so the requirements for the cutting machine are higher.