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Join Us at the Upcoming SteelFab 2024!

Released on Jan. 04, 2024

Even the bitter cold winter will not dampen LXSHOW’s enthusiasm for exhibiting the latest laser for CNC cutting innovation to the world. As we welcome another new year,we are thrilled to start a new journey in 2024 by attending an important trade show.LXSHOW will participate in the Steelfab exhibition 2024 which will be held at Sharjah exhibition center in Sharjah,UAE from January 8 to 11 2024.


LXSHOW is Unveiling the Innovative Laser for CNC Cutting at the Steelfab 2024

Steelfab has emerged as one of the most comprehensive trade events by catering to diverse needs of the fabrication industry,such as power tools,machine tools,welding and cutting,pipe and tube machinery and surface finishing.As one critical engine for the UAE,this trade show reinforces its role by delivering cutting-edge products,technology and knowledge to the metal fabrication industry worldwide.Like other international trade events,Steelfab 2024 has been a game changer for a comprehensive range of sectors and industries,including industries such as metal fabrication and sectors like oil&gas, manufacturing, shipbuilding, construction, and several customized solutions and services.  


1.Revolutionizing Metal Fabrication Market:


Over the past few years,the rising demand from various sectors and industries have boosted the growth of metal fabrication industry which has contributed to the growing demand for the welding and cutting machinery.As a result,Steelfab 2024 has succeeded in bringing together businesses ,companies and brands to showcase their latest welding and cutting technology.They will cater to the diverse needs of various sectors and industries by providing CNC machinery,laser for CNC cutting technology,laser welding and cleaning machines.


When it comes to surface finishing,it involves the whole process of deburring, coating, painting,cleaning.As a result of higher requirements for the cleaning effect,there are rising demands for laser cleaning machines on the metal fabrication market.


By attending a series of trade events,LXSHOW is at the forefront of improving the metal processing with our cutting edge laser systems,including laser cutting,welding and cleaning machines.Whether it is laser cutting,cleaning or welding,our laser solutions will meet your diverse needs by enabling higher efficiency,improved machining quality and reduced overall costs.


2. Showcasing the Cutting Edge Laser Systems:

As we did in other international trade events,LXSHOW will showcase the cutting edge laser systems at the exhibition. Attendees will have the opportunity to experience the latest laser systems from us.The cutting edge laser systems that will be exhibited include the state-of-the-art laser cutting system and a 3 in 1 laser cleaning machine.The systems offer unparalleled speed,precision and reliability.From industrial applications to small-scale production,our laser solutions will deliver improved machining performance for a range of sectors and industries by catering to their diverse needs. 


Why Is It So Important?

Steelfab 2024 will be a significant event for LXSHOW since it will be the first international trade event that we will attend in 2024.This means that the success we will achieve during the event will further boost LXSHOW’s confidence in the development for whole year.Furthermore,this event serves as a platform for LXSHOW to engage with international businesses,local agents,suppliers and potential customers and to forge partnerships with them.On the one hand,for those who are not familiar with LXSHOW,exhibiting at a trade show will help increase the brand visibility and exposure to the potential customers.On the other hand,for the existing customers,exhibitions offers an opportunity to conduct deeper communications with them. By attending the exhibitions, the company’s personnel can also visit the local customers and communicate with them about the overall performance of their machine.



LXSHOW looks forward to building partnerships with you and exploring the endless possibilities our advanced,cutting edge laser systems offer.Don’t miss out on this opportunity to share laser innovation with us. We are waiting for you at the SteelFab exhibition2024!


Date:8 -11 January 2024

Venue:P.O.Box 3222, Sharjah,UAE(Expo Centre Sharjah )


See you at Steelfab 2024!