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LXSHOW Opens A Branch Office in Russia

Released on Aug. 07, 2023

LXSHOW has expanded its services in Russia by opening a branch office in Moscow to provide better services to local customers.We’re glad to announce the opening of our first office in a foreign country.

LXSHOW Opens A Branch Office in Russia

Aiming to provide more quality customer services to local customers,we set up an office in Russia in June,which is our first office in a foreign country.The office is located at 57 Shippilovskaya Street,Moscow,Russia.This office will allow us to offer a wide range of technical support and expanded services for more current and prospective customers in Russia as Russia has been one of our biggest customers for the past few years.The services will range from on-site training and debugging to face-to-face interaction.


This office will be led by Tom,director of our after-sales team,who said,speaking of this important decision that company has made,“Apart from our quality,affordable laser machines,LXSHOW also highlights the important role of services in customer retention. That is why we decided to set up an office to offer more quality services to local customers.”


He added,“Over the past years,Russia has been one of our biggest business partners and established closer partnerships with our company.And,we look forward to building closer relationships with customers from Russia in the future.”

LXSHOW Opens A Branch Office in Russia

Speaking of Russia,they wrapped up METALLOOBRABOTKA 2023 exhibition,which started on May 22, with a big success.As one of the leading manufacturers in laser industry,LXSHOW certainly didn’t miss such an important opportunity to exhibit our advanced,automated fiber laser cutting and laser cleaning systems.After the exhibition ended,our after-sales representatives visited a local customer to offer professional door-to-door services.

Russia,as Tom said,has been one of our biggest business partners.The office will serve many current and prospective clients in Russia.Thus,maintaining this closer relationship has been our top priority in expanding our businesses for more customers in Russia.This decision will further facilitate face-to-face interaction between LXSHOW and local customers.It also echoed LXSHOW’s mission and value”Quality carries dreams and service determines future.”


Office address:Москва, Россия,57 дом, 4 подъезд, 4 этаж, 159 квартираContact:Tom;WhatsApp:+8615106988612

LXSHOW Opens A Branch Office in Russia