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LXSHOW CNC Laser Machines:An Unforgettable Trip at MTA Vietnam 2023

Released on Jul. 10, 2023

LXSHOW CNC Laser Machines:An Unforgettable Trip at MTA Vietnam 2023

As MTA Vietnam 2023 knocked off on July 4th, LXSHOW attended the exhibition with its CNC laser machines,along with other over 400 companies from 17 countries or regions,representing the latest high-tech precision engineering and machine tool technologies.


MTA Vietnam is a leading trade show in Vietnam for sheet metal cutting,metal forming/cutting machinery,tools and tooling,and cutting tools.It attracts many industrial leaders and professional visitors across the country and all over the world by offering a key platform to showcase the latest high-tech precision engineering and machine tool technologies.Visitors include leading companies,factories and other industrial organizations.They are gathering together to share knowledge and practical experiences from the machinery industry.In addition, the trade show allows businesses to have closer engagements with various industries,enabling them to understand the latest industrial technologies.

LXSHOW Advantages by Offering the State-of-the-art CNC Laser Machines

With our continual research and development in the latest laser technology, we are able to offer the most efficient laser machines to meet your laser cutting,welding and cleaning needs from large-volume projects to precision small businesses.We provide the best quality machines and services on the market at a fast processing speed.From quality inspection,safe delivery to personnel training and top-notch services, we have a professional team to cover the whole process and make sure the machines work awesome with you.


At MTA Vietnam 2023, LXSHOW exhibited three advanced CNC laser machines,including CNC fiber laser tube cutting machine LX62TE,LX3015DH laser cutter for sale , 2000W three-in-one cleaning machine.Our representatives in Vietnam showed great patience and enthusiasm to make sure each visitor received timely and professional services.From the advanced laser technology displayed at the show to professional service offered by our representatives,we wrapped up this unforgettable exhibition trip in Vietnam on July 7.

LXSHOW CNC Laser Machines:An Unforgettable Trip at MTA Vietnam 2023

Four reasons for LXSHOW to Exhibit at MTA Vietnam

LXSHOW CNC Laser Machines:An Unforgettable Trip at MTA Vietnam 2023

1.Build a connection with potential buyers

An international exhibition like MTA Vietnam serves as an ideal trade showcase for the latest technology since getting your product and service exposed is the best way to connect a bridge between your brand and potential customers.For LXSHOW,this exhibition creates a new business network for us to develop new business opportunities with quality buyers at MTA Vietnam.


2. Strengthen relationships with existing customers

A trade show also gives a chance to better connect with current customers.For LXSHOW,for example,since most of contacts are through email or WhatsApp,a face-to-face meeting with local agents is an effective way to strengthen relationships with the existing customers.At MTA Vietnam, our representatives not only warmly welcomed some buyers visiting our booth,but also

communicate with the local agents face-to-face.


3.Enhance brand competitive edge      

Over the first half year, a series of international trade events like BUTECH and METALLOOBRABOTKA concluded in May will help our brand get noticed by the world,which not only enhance our brand influence worldwide but also give us a greater push for laser innovation. From BUTECH to METALLOOBRABOTKA and MTA Vietnam,there is no better opportunity to boost your brand influence and competitiveness.These trade events offer a valuable opportunity not just for sales of our products,but for strengthening our position as one of the leaders in this industry.


4.Learn about the industrial knowledge

An exhibition is a place for businesses to display their latest innovations and technologies,which gives you the opportunity to sell more products, connect with existing and potential customers and to keep up with the latest development in your industry.