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LXSHOW Laser Shines Bright at SteelFab 2024!

Released on Jan. 12, 2024

LXSHOW Laser,a leading manufacturer and supplier of fibre laser cutting,welding and cleaning, has got off a good start in 2024 by exhibiting the cutting-edge laser technology at Steelfab 2024 held in the United Arab Emirates. The four-day exhibition came to an end with a big success on the January 11th,during which LXSHOW exhibited a 12KW high power LX3015F fibre laser cutting machine and a 2KW three-in-one laser cleaning machine. From the first debut to the finale,LXSHOW Laser booth has gathered dozens of visits from attendees globally at the exhibition.

Seelfab 2024 1.jpg

LXSHOW Fibre Laser Cutting Technology Showcases   Excellence at SteelFab 2024:

1.Unveiling Laser Innovation:

Steelfab 2024 is an international fair for fabrication industry and the largest trade event in the United Arab Emirates.SteelFab exhibition plays a crucial role in delivering cutting-edge technology, knowledge and expertise in metal working and fabrication industry to the region and beyond.At the exhibition,LXSHOW exhibited a 12KW LX3015F fibre laser cutting machine and a 3-in-1 laser cleaning machine,LXSHOW Laser emerged as one leading player in the laser industry and received excellent feedback for our laser machines.


“Everything was going pretty well actually.We received the advance payment from the customer for a 6KW LX6025H on the first day.”said Linda,LXSHOW’s sales manager.


“Thanks for the United Arab Emirates and organizers of the exhibition who provide such a wonderful platform for manufacturers,like LXSHOW Laser to showcase our innovative,cutting edge laser technology. It creates a direct connection between customers and manufacturers to build partnerships.We have gained recognition from potential customers who visited the booth.....”said Linda.

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2.Fostering Partnership:

On the first day,many global friends have come to the booth and LXSHOW’s booth setup has given an immersive experience for visitors.The interactive,on-site demonstration allowed them to

experience firsthand the capabilities of the machines.Our sales and technical representatives actively engaged with the potential customers and agents.The technical representative gave them guidance of the machine operation and answer their technical questions.In addition to the machines showcased at the exhibition,they also communicated with our representatives about other models on the brochures.


LXSHOW Laser left a good impression on many potential customers at the exhibition.The good feedback we got from them is a testament to LXSHOW’s pursuit of excellence.


LXSHOW’s participation in the exhibition is not just about showcasing the cutting edge laser technology.It also demonstrates the commitment to the limitless innovation of laser technology. 

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3.Wrapping Up with a Great Finale:

As the Steelfab exhibition 2024 ended with an excellent finale on January 11,LXSHOW Laser has succeeded in showcasing the efficiency of the high-power fibre laser cutting machine LX3015F and the versatility of the 3-in-1 laser cleaning machine.The successful finale will encourage LXSHOW to pursue new heights of excellence and innovation in 2024.

steelfab2024 2.jpg

LXSHOW’s lasting commitment to innovation is in line with the releasing of two new products this month------LX3015FC and LX62TU fibre laser cutting machines.Compared with other models,these two models will highlight many new features,from greater efficiency to precision,providing customers with better performance.


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