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How Do Laser Welding Machines Work?

Released on Sep. 02, 2021

The laser welding machine

The laser welding machine

The laser welding machine is one of the welding equipment, is one of the welding methods in recent years the application development very block. So how does a laser welding machine do the welding?

The Working Principle Of Laser Welding Machine

Laser welding uses high-energy laser pulses to locally heat tiny areas of the workpiece. The laser beam is focused on a very small area by means of an optical system. The energy of the laser radiation spreads to the inside of the workpiece through heat conduction. In a very short time, a highly concentrated heat source is created in the area to be welded. This causes the welded object to melt and form a solid weld joint and weld seam.


Features Of The Laser Welding Process

1. Even tiny workpieces can be processed. In addition, welding can be performed through the walls of transparent materials.

2. Multiple simultaneous or time-sharing welding is possible over long distances and in areas that are difficult to reach by conventional methods via optical fiber.

3. Non-contact processing without pressure and surface treatment of the workpiece.

4. Easy to be mounted on automatic machines and robotic devices.

5. Direct welding of conductors with insulation, and welding of dissimilar metals with widely differing properties


 How Do Laser Welding Machines Work?cid=10

Laser Welding Machine 

6. Small welding joints, high energy density, and suitable for high-speed processing.

7. No need for filler metal, no need for vacuum environment (can be done directly in the air), no danger of X-rays in the air like electron beam.

8. No processing noise, no pollution to the environment.

9. Short-time welding, not only to the outside world without heat, but also to the material itself heat deformation and heat-affected zone is small, especially suitable for processing high melting point, high hardness, special materials.

10. Compared with the contact welding process. No electrodes, tools, and other wear and tear consumption.


Laser Welding Machine Vs. Conventional Welding Machine

High processing efficiency: Because of the high power density and fast energy release of laser welding, the processing efficiency is much higher than that of traditional welding methods.

Better adhesion: In the welding process, the laser welding machine has a small spot after focusing, which allows better adhesion between two pieces of material. It does not cause damage to the surface of the material or deformation. No need for post-processing of the weld seam after welding like conventional welding machines.

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