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Fiber Laser Vs Co2 Laser - Which Is The Best For You?

Released on Sep. 08, 2021

Fiber Laser Vs Co2 Laser - Which Is The Best For You?cid=10

High Power Fiber Laser Cutting Machine


Many people think that fiber lasers can only cut thin materials. CO2 lasers with larger wavelengths can produce cuts in thicker materials. But in recent years, this problem has been solved through technology.

This technology can generate a wider fiber laser beam, thereby creating material separation and material removal space in thick materials. And because the beam width can be switched, the machine can use a narrower beam to process thin materials, so that materials of different sizes can be processed faster on the same fiber laser cutting machine.


Different power

Since its beam diameter is usually one-third the size of a CO2 beam, the power density of fiber lasers is higher than that of CO2 laser beams. This not only allows the fiber to cut faster but also allows it to pierce faster. This small beam size also enables the fiber to cut complex shapes and leave sharp edges. Because of the large amount of power required to create a CO2 laser, it is less efficient than fiber lasers, and the wall plug efficiency is much lower. Therefore, the large cooler required by the CO2 laser also requires more total power. Given that the wall insertion efficiency of fiber laser resonators exceeds 40%, you not only use less power but also take up less space.



Fiber Laser Vs Co2 Laser - Which Is The Best For You?cid=10

 Fiber Laser Cutting Machine


Different wavelength

The wavelength of the fiber laser is 1.06 microns, which is 10% smaller than the wavelength of the CO2 laser beam. Due to the smaller wavelength, the beam produced by the fiber laser is more easily absorbed by the reflective material. The CO2 laser is more likely to be reflected by the surface of these materials. Therefore, the fiber laser cutting machine can cut brass, copper, and other reflective materials. The CO2 laser beam reflected from the material will not only damage the cutting lens of the machine, but also the entire beam path. Using fiber optic cables for the beam path can eliminate this risk.



Fiber lasers do not require much attention in terms of maintenance. It is not like a CO2 laser cutting machine that requires mirror cleaning and bellows inspection. As long as it is cooled with clean cold water and the air filter is replaced regularly, the fiber laser itself does not require preventive maintenance.


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