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Laser Technology in the New Energy Industry

Energy plays an important strategic role in our national economy. On the one hand, we need to build a diversified energy structure and develop low-cost, high-performance energy technologies. On the other hand, the use of existing technologies for active and effective energy structure changes is also an effective method.

After a long period of development, laser technology has penetrated into various fields such as packaging, medical, 3C and even semiconductor. However, for new energy fields that urgently need to further improve their development level, laser technology has also emerged. Today, we simply understand the application of laser technology in the new energy industry from the two aspects of new energy vehicles and new energy battery laser welding.

1. Laser technology helps new energy vehicles develop

The automobile industry has created an unparalleled glory in the development of the entire industrial era and continues to this day, and the emergence of new energy vehicles will undoubtedly bring a new revolution to the traditional automobile industry. Due to the increasing emissions of traditional fuel vehicles, some countries around the world have announced the delisting time of fuel vehicles, which means that in the future, fuel vehicles will gradually withdraw from the market, and new energy vehicles will suddenly emerge.

Laser technology in the new energy industry

Global fuel vehicle delisting schedule
Release time2016.12017.62015.82016.52016.42017.72017.7
Planning time2030203020302025202520402040

In the manufacturing process of new energy vehicles, whether from the cutting of body panels, the welding of body and parts, or the identification of automotive components, laser technology has been the industry for its superior characteristics and product quality. Set off a new wave of enthusiasm. If the new energy vehicle is a "new vent" for the development of the automotive industry, then the laser process is bound to become a "new weapon" for the new energy vehicle manufacturing industry.

2. Laser welding technology is applied to energy-saving battery production

Laser technology in the new energy industry

Lithium-ion battery-oriented secondary batteries have become the most popular leading power source in the 21st century with high cycle times, pollution-free and high voltage. They are also high-tech industries supported by China's energy sector. The structure of the secondary battery is very special, and the laser welding technology is required in the manufacturing process. Most of them are thermally conductive laser welding, that is, after the bonding part is irradiated by the laser, the temperature of the metal surface rises, and the bonding surface of the two parts of the workpiece is welded. The temperature rises to produce a melting point, which is converted into a liquid, and after rapid solidification, the two parts of the joint are welded together. Increasing production efficiency requires the use of efficient welding technology to match the automated production line for the manufacture of secondary batteries. Therefore, high-tech welding equipment requires a lot of sophisticated structures and automatic devices to cooperate with each other to complete automated manufacturing. In the past two decades, laser technology has played an increasingly important role in the welding of lithium batteries. The rapid development of battery technology has also put forward new requirements for laser welding. Only by continuous development and improvement can we adapt to change,complete the breakthrough.