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Laser pipe cutting machine LX62TE swinging cutting head cutting CS SS and galvanized tube

Date: Apr. 27, 2021


1.Imported high precision double servo driver and rail guide transmission,German Atlanta gear and rack,long service life.

2.Electric,automatic centering chuck, no manual adjustment,any materials from 20-220mm without adjusting the center.

3. Pipe fiber laser cutting machine have before and after chuck ,rigges up servo motor driving system,cutting without jitter,high precision and good synchronization.

4.Automic chuck the front and bottom,easy to feeding,designed for saving material.

5.Adopting Cypcut pipe laser cutting machine special CNC control system ,it can directly accept the drawings from 3-Dimension drawing software.The drawings can be directly displayed in the computer.

6.New beautiful designed,fully enclosed procetective cover.

7.Stainless steel pipe cutting machine frame,crossbeam and worktable adopt intergral welding,made as stander large machine.It could maintain high strength ,high precision and keep the normal use of 20 years without deformation.

8.Three years warrenty for cnc laser pipe cutting machine.


Cnc pipe laser cutting machine is widely used in aerospace technology, rocket, plane, robot, elevator, steamship and automobile manufacturing and metal parts processing industry for metal plate, advertisement, kitchen ware, bit tool, hardware etc.

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