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What Determines the Quality of a Laser Cutting Machine?

Released on Nov. 10, 2021

fiber laser cutting sheet machine

The quality of the laser cutting machine affects the cutting quality of the laser cutting machine. Presently, the CO2 laser machine is mainly used for cutting non-metal materials, and the fiber laser cutting machine is primarily made use of for cutting metal materials. They make use of various solids or gases as media. There are 5 variables that figure out the cutting quality of a laser cutting machine.

Laser frequency

Pulse regularity mainly impacts cutting rate and also cutting roughness. To acquire high-speed cutting, high frequency is needed. A lot of makers now generate carbon dioxide lasers with regularities listed below 5000 Hz.

Excitation approach

A carbon dioxide laser is a laser that utilizes electrodes to excite carbon dioxide gas. According to the orientation of the steel electrode, it can be divided into straight existing excitation as well as radiofrequency excitation.

Laser technique

The laser approach is among the crucial goals of determining laser cutting machine quality. It can be separated into single-mode, base mode, and also multimode. The fundamental model is the TEM-00 mode, and the index on the X as well as Y-axis is 0, so it is a perfect factor. The light beam size can be gotten by utilizing a TEM-00 mode laser, and because of the little spot size during the cutting procedure, a cut is acquired and the cutting rate is quicker. Multimode is a non-zero index in the XY instructions, and its light beam quality is poor, and also it is typically only utilized for welding and also not always for cutting.


fiber laser cutting sheet machine

Beam divergence angle

The beam of light divergence angle is not part of the laser components, yet because the laser approach has a terrific impact on the far-field divergence angle, the influence of the light beam aberration angle on the cutting quality is shown in the size as well as incline of the interception. The smaller sized the aberration angle, the narrower the obstruct width, the smaller sized the slope, and also the greater the quality.

Laser power

Laser power consists of peak power, energy stability, and also other elements. It is possible to cut sheets of various thicknesses with different power. As an example, a 4KW laser can cut 20mm thick carbon steel plate, or 15mm stainless-steel, 10mm aluminum alloy; a laser over 5KW can cut 25mm thick. Carbon steel, stainless steel up to 20mm. Long-lasting manufacturing is also an extremely essential test for lasers.


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