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8 Essential Wearing Parts of Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Released on Feb. 25, 2022

Fiber Laser Cutting Machine


In fiber laser cutting machine, wearing parts are also called consumables parts. Although they are not of high value, they play an important role in efficient production. Laser cutting machine wearing parts refer to the parts that are easily damaged during the operation of the laser cutting machine and must be replaced during the specified period. Mainly refers to the wearing parts of the laser cutting head.

Laser head consumable spare parts

1. Protective lens

The laser protection lens mainly blocks debris splash during metal cutting and prevents dust debris from damaging the lens.

And the protective lens is with a high damage threshold anti-reflection film to reduce reflection.

Generally speaking, three months to change a new one or depends on the actual processing conditions.

2. Ceramic ring

Its primary function is to collect and transmit the electrical signals from the laser head nozzle to the signal amplifier.

The laser ceramic ring is composed of a ceramic body, stainless steel parts, and copper needles.

The ceramic body is mainly used to maintain the insulation of the laser head body.

The stainless steel part ensures sufficient contact with the nozzle, transmitting electrical signals to the copper needles.

After a period of use, the ceramic ring needs to be replaced. Usually, the replacement frequency is one year or more(Or according to the actual usage, the advice will be given by the after-sales team.)

3. Nozzle

Nozzles are at the bottom of the laser head, the closest parts to the metal plates or metal tube.

The focused laser and high-pressure airflow are emitted through the nozzle onto the metal plates.

With the help of the rapid ejection of gas, which can effectively prevent debris and other dust from rebounding upward, thereby protecting the focusing lens.

And the hole size of nozzles will affect the cutting quality. For example, thicker metal plates need to use a large diameter nozzle.

When purchasing nozzles, you first need to confirm the brand and model of the cutting head because each brand has its corresponding nozzle type.

For individual users, purchasing by yourself may take a lot of time, and it is easy to buy defective products.

So it's better for the service team locally to provide directly to the fabrication manufacturer to keep continuous production.

4. Sealing ring

This sealing ring is used in conjunction with the ceramic ring.

To make the ceramic ring more stable and securely fixed on the cutting head, there will be no problems in this short period, such as one year.

5. Focus and Collimation lens

The collimation lens group and the focusing lens group are the essential two optical components of the cutting head.

They are also one of the most authentic fiber laser cutter originals. There are generally few problems with this accessory.

Once a problem occurs, and production is stopped, the replacement of this accessory must be carried out in a dust-free workshop, and the relevant technicians must have undergone professional training.

In general, the factory will send instructions for the cutting head to the manufacturer for the daily maintenance of the factory engineers.

6. RF cable

Usually, the supplier will provide a spare one in the toolbox.

7. Sensors

The base sensor is also a part that basically won't cause any problems.

However, we cannot avoid illegal operations or continue cutting after ignoring the nozzle/ceramic ring alarm.

Once a problem occurred, the factory had to stop production and wait for more than ten days to receive the courier abroad.

If appropriate, the local after-sales service department can prepare some conventional models of cutting head sensors and put them in their spare parts warehouse.

8. Laser protective goggles

Make sure you and your employee are safe; this is good for everyone.




Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

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