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Metal laser cutting machine 12000W cuts stainless steel plate 20mm

Date: Apr. 15, 2021

Metal sheet laser cutting Feature:

1. Save cost--The whole machine can fit into a 40ft high container. No need frame conainter which greatly saving freight cost.
2. Easier installation--Whole machine could be loaded into container, no need to dismantle the sheet metal, saving installation time and labor costs.
3. High cutting quality and efficiency with smooth cutting edge.The cutting speed up to 130m/min.
4. Equipped with full cover and exchange table, which is certificated by TUV CE. This is much more safe with high power, exchange table can save your many time.

5. 8 dust removal areas with better dust removal effect which can effectively protect and reduce lens damage.

Laser cutting metal sheet application:

High-power fiber laser cutting machinery with full cover is specially used for cutting 0.4-50mm carbon steel;0.4-18mm stainless steel,galvanized steel,Electrolysis board,Silicon steel;0.4-16mm Alluminum Alloy;0.4-10mm brass and cooper and other thin metals

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